Zuma,1975 | 8 ml  


Coriander, bergamot, atlas cedar wood. Jasmine sambac, pacific wave. Ambrette seed, sandalwood, vetiver. 


It's jasmine season in LA and you're taking Sunset all the way to the ocean. The greenery of the fresh spring bloom mingles with the salty ocean air. Smoky vetiver grass lingers in the warm California breeze reminiscent of burned brush. Your tanned skin burns off the sweet smell of summer sweat as you dig your toes in the grainy sand. The sun sets and bonfires roar along the beach.  Music from the radio crashes against the moonlit waves and your summer skin glows warm in the cool ocean breeze.


Take your favorite scent from The Los Angeles Collection with you everywhere with the 8 ml travel sprayer.  

8 ML


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50 ML PREORDER UPDATE 1.19.2021:

We received an update from our UPS agent that our freight shipment

containing our custom boxes was delayed due to a mechanical breakdown

on the railway.  We've been alerted that the delivery is back on track and

we should have our inventory within a week.  As soon as we get it,

we will begin shipping as well as let everyone know via our website and social media that our truck arrived! 

Thank you for your patience and support – we are as eager as you are!