Laurel Canyon,1966 | 8 ml  


Terpenic, woody, and earthy: Italian Cannabis, Wild Fire, Petitgrain swirling into Jasmine, a mysterious Patchouli Ambergris dry down.

A breeze drifts through an open window. The dry woody canyon billows throughout, gently waking you from your afternoon slumber.  The sounds of conversation and a guitar strumming drift in from the next room. A familiar herbal scent  floats about and mingles with the patchouli on your pillow. You drift back to sleep until the night falls.

Take your favorite scent from The Los Angeles Collection with you everywhere with the 8 ml travel sprayer.  

8 ML


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50 ML PREORDER UPDATE 1.19.2021:

We received an update from our UPS agent that our freight shipment

containing our custom boxes was delayed due to a mechanical breakdown

on the railway.  We've been alerted that the delivery is back on track and

we should have our inventory within a week.  As soon as we get it,

we will begin shipping as well as let everyone know via our website and social media that our truck arrived! 

Thank you for your patience and support – we are as eager as you are!