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Chateau,1970 | 8 ml  


Sparkling grapefruit, vintage armoire woods. Chateau rose, nutmeg. Musks, modern linens. 

Sunlight cracks through drawn curtains in the late morning and the sound of the running shower from the bathroom gently rouse you from your deep slumber.  Last night's bordeaux still clings to your lips as you stretch across once crisp linens, your head slowly sinking into the down pillow.  Memories from last night curl your toes beneath the blankets.  The clean smell of soap creeps in from the steamy shower swirling with the scent of the loved-in bed and day old roses.  Your plans today? Room service and a dip in the pool.


Take your favorite scent from The Los Angeles Collection with you everywhere with the 8 ml travel sprayer.  

8 ML


Ships to the US, UK, AUS & Canada

Shipping applied at checkout.
Value Added Tax (VAT) or addtional duties may apply for international orders. 

No returns or exchanges. 
We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages upon delivery.  Please consider purchasing Route protection at checkout is your package being lost or stolen is a concern.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks to process and fulfill your order, as we are a two person, boutique company and everything is made by hand. You will receive a separate email with a tracking number after the processing period. 

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