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Whisky,1969 Limited Edition Green | 8 ml  


This batch of Whisky, 1969 gets it green color from the natural variations of the ingredient oakmoss, which varies from green to dark brown.


Our signature Whisky, 1969 is a brown/red/amber color. The smell differs slightly being brighter and a bit more powdery, but is still true to the Whisky, 1969 vibe. This was a one off batch made with limited quantities available and will not be produced again once sold through.

Cardamom and Raspberry melt into narcotic ylang ylang and oakmoss atop a sexy animalic amber.

Hot neon lights buzz electric along the strip, thumping base beckons you inside. The warmth of the crowd embraces your body as the soundscape swirls seductive about your head. A slow kiss on the lips sweetens the sting of bourbon in your mouth. Music pounds against the wooden stage. Sweet flower perfume tumbles about the musky air. The night is young.


Take your favorite scent from The Los Angeles Collection with you everywhere with the 8 ml travel sprayer.  

8 ML


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