Whisky, 1969 | Perfume | Thin Wild Mercury
Laurel Canyon, 1966 | Perfume | Thin Wild Mercury

Terpenic, woody, and earthy: Italian cannabis, wild fire, petitgrain swirling into jasmine, a mysterious patchouli ambergris dry down.

Cardamom and raspberry melt into narcotic ylang ylang and oakmoss atop a sexy animalic amber. 

Chateau, 1970 | Perfume | Thin Wild Mercury

French citrus, sunset rose, vintage wardrobe, loved-in linens.

Zuma, 1975 | Perfume | Thin Wild Mercury

Vetiver bourbon, ocean foam, jasmine sambac, ambrette musk.

The Los Angeles Collection

The sample set includes four 2 ML samples that make up The Los Angeles Collection: Laurel Canyon, 1966, Whisky, 1969, Chateau, 1970, and Zuma, 1975.  

Explore the city.


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