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Shipping FAQ

Where is my order? I can’t tell if it has been shipped or not and it seems like it’s been quite a while. 


Good question! If you haven’t received a second confirmation email containing a USPS tracking number, your order is still being processed.  That’s a fancy way of saying you are one of many in a queue of orders that is being put together.  Think of it like waiting in a long line to check out. Remember that? We are a two person company and everything is put together by hand.  The “processing” time depends on our stock levels of the actual perfumes and materials to put them in: vials, bottles, boxes, shipping materials etc – which vary as we are thankfully always growing!  In some cases, if we receive a lot of orders at one time, we have to make a lot of of perfume and give each order the same amount of care from bottling it up in the order it was received to packaging it to saying thanks in a note to waving goodbye to it at the post office.  We're immensely thankful for your support and we do appreciate your patience.



I received a shipping confirmation with a tracking number, but all I can find is “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item”.  Has this even shipped?!


We feel you on this one.  The answer 99.9% of the time is yes, we have dropped this off and have sent it on its journey to you.  Unfortunately, this is one part of the process we have no control over.  If it appears that your tracking isn’t updating, know that this happens from time to time when USPS doesn’t scan the package after we drop it off, but not to worry.  Longer delivery times and infrequent scans have frustratingly become more the norm during these modern times as USPS has cut back on staff.  In many cases, it takes 2-3 working days for the tracking to show up after we do a drop off. In others, it never updates until delivery.  International deliveries sometimes yield even longer wait times and less transparency while they are processed through the US International Distribution Center in Los Angeles.  It’s a bummer for all of us, as we are probably (definitely) just as excited for you to try the scents and share your experience with them as you are to receive your package.  If you feel genuinely concerned that your package has been lost in the fold or has taken an abnormally long time to arrive, you can email us at and we’ll do our best to find a solution with you.



My tracking marks my package as “Delivered”, but I can’t find it anywhere. What do I do?


Uh oh. Don’t fret – there are a few things to check off before declaring your package lost or stolen:


  • Did you check the entire premises of your home, mailbox, or mailbox area (if in an apt building)? 


This might seem too simple to be true, but sometimes the simplest solution is the right one!  We’ve had cases where the mail courier dropped off the package in an unusually different spot, like the back door, or under the mail box, or at the neighbor’s door.  


  • Did you double check you sent the package to the right shipping address? 


It’s happened to us.  You went away for the weekend or you moved, and the last address in your autofill was your friend’s apt or your old address.   If you have no way of acquiring the wrongly delivered package, sadly you will have to order another one, but at least it wasn’t stolen – that’s just bad vibes!


I’ve checked everywhere, unfortunately I think my package is lost or was stolen.


This is just as much of a drag for us as it is for you.  We absolutely do not want our hard work to go to waste as much as we don’t want you to be without your signature scent.  However, legally once a package is marked as “Delivered” in tracking, it is officially out of our ownership and is the responsibility of the recipient. 



I just placed an order but I accidentally submitted the wrong shipping address, can that be fixed?


Whoops! The short answer is yes.  As long as you haven’t received your confirmation email with a tracking number, that most likely means your order is still being processed with us, which in that case is an easy fix.  Just contact us at and let us know your four digit order number and supply us with the updated address. 


The answer is only no if your item has already been confirmed with a tracking number and dropped off to the post office.  After that, it’s going to end up wherever was typed in by whomever submitted the form during checkout.  If it gets sent back to us, we’ll reach out to you as long as you provided us with a valid email address, and you’ll only be accountable for new shipping charges to resend.  If it goes to an actual address, unfortunately you’ll have to place another order – but at least maybe you helped someone else find their new signature scent!


I didn’t really connect with these scents, can I have a refund?


It happens, and it’s all good. Unfortunately, we can not offer any returns or refunds.  Maybe it’ll make a nice gift for someone else!

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