Laurel Canyon,1966 Preorder



Sweet Orange, Herbal Terpenes, Grapefruit



Italian Cannabis, Petitgrain, Clove, Jasmine Sambac



Ambergris, Birch Tar, Patchouli



Bedroom window open, the sounds of a record playing in the distance floats through the trees, swirling with the sound of an acoustic guitar strumming in the next room. The smell of your lover lingers on your pillow, while their voice carries from the kitchen mixing with the laughter of friends who crashed last night. The faint smell of a freshly lit joint creeps under your door dancing with the patchouli on your silk scarves.  A breeze blows in the dry woody canyon air drenching your room with golden sunlight.


50 ML

Ships to the US, UK, AUS, & Canada

Shipping applied at checkout.

No returns or exchanges.

***This is a PREORDER. We are waiting for our glass bottles to be restocked. We expect to be back in stock and ready to ship by early to mid January.  Thank you for supporting small business!

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50 ML PREORDER UPDATE 1.19.2021:

We received an update from our UPS agent that our freight shipment

containing our custom boxes was delayed due to a mechanical breakdown

on the railway.  We've been alerted that the delivery is back on track and

we should have our inventory within a week.  As soon as we get it,

we will begin shipping as well as let everyone know via our website and social media that our truck arrived! 

Thank you for your patience and support – we are as eager as you are!