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34 Bohemian Cafes





Juniper berry, Pink Pepper 


Raspberry, Clove, Rose, Suede


Tobacco, Orris Root, Vetiver, Vanilla, Cedarwood

The sidewalks reflect the streetlights, glistening. It’s late and everything should be closed, but your night’s just started. Cigarettes in your pocket a notebook in hand, you creep down the stairs to the subterranean cafe. A gust of melodic sounds blows through the front door as you enter, the room littered with populated tables while smoke rests upon the patrons’ boozy heads. The room buzzes as conversations hum: people are talking because they’ve got something to say.


The post war era Beat Generation literary movement explored American culture and politics. An extension of the Harlem Renaissance, the Beat movement became home to a growing Black Bohemian scene due to its more embracing racial atmosphere below 14th St and soon Black painters, writers, and musicians were mingling with their white counterparts in cafes, clubs, and bookshops, making the scene.

We have made 34 Limited Edition 50ml bottles of 34 Bohemian Cafes in celebration of Juneteenth and preserving Black history.

Limited Edition



*Exlcuded from all promotions and discounts.

Orders of 34 Bohemian Cafes will ship Friday, 6/26/2020.

50 ML

Ships to the US, UK, AUS, & Canada


20% of the proceeds from these Limited Edition bottles will be donated to the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund until they are fully sold thru and the donation period does not expire. 

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